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Grip grooves add $5.00 each.

Pommels #1 & #2 are standard at no extra charge.

Pommel #3 add $5.00

Pommels #4-#7 add $20.00

Dot pommel (#8) as shown on grip #8 is available for an additional $10.00


Your choice of quillion at no additional charge.

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Build Your Own Sword!
Have you ever been charging into battle, when, all of a sudden, you realize that your sword is just not you -- that, as you parry and slash your way across the field, you find yourself wishing that you could have had those guards a little more curved, or maybe your pommel a bit heftier, or grip-grooves to lock in your grip?

Well, now you can! With our "Build Your Own Sword" page, you can create the sword you've always wanted.

First, pick your sword style/length, then choose your quillions (guard), grip, and pommel and write their numbers in the space provided on the Order Sheet. Add features like fullers, grip-grooves, and cutaways, and you have a personalized practice weapon.


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