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Padded bolts available for $5.00 each.

Note: due to shipping costs, pre-lashed crossbows incur extra shipping and handling fees (see ordering page).


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Here is your chance to watch your enemies (and friends) flee in terror when you pull out a genuine Hollow Earth
Crossbow! Our crossbows are fully-functioning, 13th to 16th century all-wood replicas. Complete with authentic lever-trigger, hand-wrought bowstring, and traditional lashing. The stocks are of select hardwoods and the bow and mechanisms are of hickory. Used by many historical recreation organizations and live-action role-play enthusiasts (add a crossbow to your equipment and see your foes run!) and suitably durable for a day on the battlefield. Stocks and Mechanisms are guaranteed for life; Bow-blades for 30 days; Lashing and Strings  are consumable and will, over time (depending on usage) need replacing. Standard bows and Pistolaires are rated at 20 to 40 pounds pull; Heavy bows (with an extra leaf and an extra inch of draw) at 30 to 50 pounds pull. This translates into about 225 to 300 inch/pounds, and 385 to 600 inch/pounds, respectively.        Buy a Hollow Earth Crossbow-- your Battlefield will never be the same!

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Standard ... $150.00 Down-turned grip.
English Standard ... $150.00   Straight grip.
Pistolaire  ... $150.00      Shorter stock, an inch-shorter draw.
Heavy... $200.00  Longer stock, an inch-longer draw, and an extra mid-size leaf

Double Crossbow ... $400.00  Over-under design with double-acting trigger mechanism (shoots both or just bolts). There's always some hero who will take the first bolt, but watch your foes hesitate to be the second! Your choice of cherry or walnut body.





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