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We are a small family business devoted to producing the finest wooden swords in the world. We have reinvented the wooden sword, blending pure function and sleek styling to produce a superior practice sword that is beautiful and balanced, yet can withstand the rigors of serious sparring.

Herein you shall find our offering of Medieval- and Renaissance-period swords, crossbows, and leather accessories. Please examine our historical styles of swords, from bastard swords to two-handed claymores, cut-and-thrusts to rapiers, and more -- as well as our unique "Build Your Own Sword" page, where you get the chance to design the sword of your dreams. We have a sword for everyone, from serious practitioners of the art of swordplay to young squires-in-training.

We also make the finest (and only) authentic fully-functioning all wood crossbow with lever-trigger and hand wrought bowstring.

For wearing your sword at the ready, we offer a full line of leather belts, sword frogs, backslings, baldrics and bracers.

We believe that our years of research and test-fighting, and our fanatical attention to quality and design, have prepared us to build the finest wooden swords in the world.

At your service,

Steven Archote and Family

Hollow Earth Swordworks
1877 Oak Grove Loop, Newnata,  AR 72680 - (870) 746-4286

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