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We use hickory in our swords, bows and crossbow mechanisms. In our opinion, there is no common wood that comes near to it in terms of strength, resilience, and durability.

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cutnthrust_hilts.jpg (13944 bytes)Cut-and-Thrust
Brand new! Quick, deadly and elegant -- what more can we say? Over-the-guard fingering-grip provides control. Rings protect index finger. Fullers and pommel add to its balance. (41'' to 45'' long)
C&T #1 and #2 ... $100

Specify right- or left-hand.

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Viking Longsword
This sword is typical of Viking warriors from about the 8th to 11th centuries. Our carved pommel is offered in several woods and colors. (36'' long) ... $85

claymore_hilts.jpg (12547 bytes)Scottish Claymores
1. Early Claymore. With ricasso.
(60'' long) ... $100
2. "Chieftain": Our version of the later claymore, with pierced-clovis quillons, and grooved, wasted grips.
(60'' long) ... $125

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of both Claymores.

cuphilt_closeup.jpg (10520 bytes)Cup-Hilt Rapier
The cup provides the hand superior protection from the thrusts of a rapier fight. The over-the-guard fingering locks-in your grip. Please allow for variations in style and detail. (45'' to 50'' long) ... $150

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Cup-Hilt Rapiers.


Eastern Swords

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Katana (38'' to 42'' long) ... $85
Wakizashi (24'' to 26'' long) ... $65 [not shown]
Tanto (15'' to 17'' long) ... $35

Hollow Earth Swordworks
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